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Our vision is to increase the safety and security of vacationing families in the Orlando, FL USA market.  Our phone watch rentals provide unlimited talk time service.  Our rentals communicate between themselves “Hands free” throughout Florida.  They are comfortable, lightweight, reliable, affordable, and convenient thanks to our face to face delivery/setup/pickup all inclusive service!

How it Works (Orlando, FL ONLY)

  1. Book your reservations for your rentals *7 day minimum
  2. We will meet you personally at your hotel lobby for delivery and setup *10mins
  3. We will meet you once again to pickup the Rental *5mins

1. Reserve Your Rentals


2. Friendly Delivery & Setup

3. Convenient Hotel Pickup



Traveling to Orlando, FL USA can be a fun experience!  But with fun and excitement can come worry and fear about keeping your family safe during the vacation.  Anxiety levels quickly rise when  keeping your family together throughout the day & night becomes a challenge.   (more…)


Mom deserves peace of mind on vacation! Moms are usually the ones to organize getaways, make sure connecting flights are made, confirm hotel reservations, and make sure every member of the family has packed for every possible scenario while out of town. (more…)

Fun For Everyone

Stay safe – Keep in touch – Be flexible – Have fun! It takes one split second for a little one to step out of a parent’s line of sight. This can cause immediate panic, especially when there are so many people populating the area. Feel relaxed knowing (more…)

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